Your Outsourcing Partner for Protein and Algae Services

X-Salt is a desalination and protein contract research and production company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

Additional areas of expertise include Gene expression and Fermentation using Yeast and Algae strains.

X-Salt was founded for the purpose of growing and processing of microorganisms into products that serve a diverse market where the unique attributes of our technology provide valuable solutions. X-Salt technology uses enzymes for degradation and desalination with novel recombinant strains.

X-Salt offers a wide range of protein services including host cell optimization, expression screening (cells, media, construct, culturing conditions), process development, contract production, enzyme and biocatalysis design, and more. Proteins produced by X-Salt are used for a wide range of agriculture and biomedical applications.

Whether we use your process or develop a new one to meet your product, our goal is to achieve a cost effective process while meeting your time and budget requirements.


Gene Construct

  • Primer design
  • Cloning and Gene synthesis
  • Mutagenesis

The availability of sufficient protein of good quality can be rate limiting for many bio- and production processes. We provide high quality cloning and expression service at very competitive price using a broad range of host strains.



Growth and Fermentation

  • E. coli, Yeast and Algae
  • Scale — 1ml to 100L

X-Salt protein team is experienced with high density processes and developing new and unique purification strategies.  We focused on cost effective and robust solutions based on our existing strain technology.




  • Outdoor process development
  • Salt water is desalinated to produce fresh water using microorganisms


Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that can produce lipids, proteins and carbohydrates in large amounts over short periods of time. Modified microalgae at X-Salt can produce useful enzymes and chemicals for a sustainable solution in desalination of sea water.